Friday, September 6, 2013

Not Reading A Word Today!

I don't think I spent a minute today reading! I know...what's up with that? We are all exhausted from last night's amazing football game and I didn't even watch it! I don't have a clue what record breaking thing Payton Manning did last night and I know Den explained it to me twice!
Maybe three times!

Plus this was Roxie's first night football game...and she was totally confused by the fact that I was upstairs and Den was downstairs. She and Lucy spent the night going up and down the stairs. They were trying to herd Den upstairs. It was so funny! Den said they would sit in front of him and stare at him...then they would come back for a bit...discuss the situation...and go back down to stare at him some more. Things were not right in their world! My sweet kitty babies!
The is the "stare". Not many of us can resist it! Lol!

Nails and toes done today.

I went to the orchard for apples, tomatoes, peaches, cantaloupe, eggs, potatoes, garlic, sweet onions, and big beautiful mums!

I did not read this at all.

This is for dinner. It's pasta with cherry tomatoes...from the orchard...and herbed ricotta cheese plus the pasta is handmade. Did you know they cut sheets of handmade pasta dough into whatever kind of pasta you want at Whole Foods? Ours is linguini! This recipe is from Serious Eats...I love that site!

Happy Eating!
Happy Reading!


  1. That sounds like a hilarious day, with the girls going up and down...

    Love the look of the "orchard." And your food!

    I've been reading Revenge Wears Prada today...and I'm almost finished. So I was checking out some of the other reviews...and judging from the recent ones, they were horrible. But then I looked at the numbers, and they're fairly evenly spread across the numbers from one to five.

    I've been enjoying it, although the first one was probably better. I didn't like Miranda any better in this book....

  2. Lucy looks like she means business! Lol...and poor Roxie looks hysterical. She's trying so funny. She looks like she's trying to hypnotize you. Ha ha ha..."Come upstairs NOW!" Lol...

  3. That dinner looks SO good!

    I had to laugh about the girls trying to herd Den! I didn't watch the game- but my husband was happy (Manning is on his fantasy football team) and my brother I am sure was thrilled- a big Broncos fan. :) ~Stephanie

    1. They were too funny! And exhausted today!