Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Getting Hot Again!

The temps are rising...it's hot and humid here for the next few days and then down into the 60's over the weekend! Oh me oh my!

I just bought this lovely book!

And made this for dinner last night! It's a saucy chickeny bake in the oven thing that we ate on top of polenta! It was so good!

Making this for Den later...he believes he has a head cold or a sore throat or allergies! Or all of the aforementioned illnesses! It's a soupy beany cabbagey minestrone! Yum! I love this book!

Reading this...Thank you Laurel-Rain for reminding me I had this through your lovely review! This book is most likely every parent's nightmare and is so good! Cannot put it down for very long! I raced through all of my tasks today in order to read this all day long! And of course it's not what I planned to read this week at all...but who cares?

Happy Reading!


  1. We're finally having some warm summer like weather now that the season is almost over with. It is supposed to cool off this weekend, to around 80.

  2. I always have savory grits or polenta but lately I have seen sweet dishes that have brown sugar and glazed pecans, etc. Have you tried sweet grits? I was thinking grits with maple syrup and crispy bacon on top.

  3. All sounds fab. I adore polenta. As does Baby Whimsy.

    I want the weather to cool down. We're still in 80s and 90s. BLECH.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you pulled that book out of your pile...I think you'll love it.

    I love your foods! Now I'm hungry...lol

  5. Hope Den is feeling better! That soup will do the trick. :)

    I love when a book is so good I can't wait to be done with everything else so I can just read!

  6. September has been hot, very hot, record temps hot...mid-90s...& dry. *augh* Oddly, I have been wanting soup, too.