Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Football Time Again? So Soon? Already?

I guess it must be. I have requests for chili and other sorts of football foods. It's a fun time of year. This is little Roxie's first ever football season. She doesn't yet get it. She isn't used to Den's wailing, screaming, shouting and jumping. When he jumps...she jumps. If I go to another room she runs back and forth trying to be with both of us. She isn't quite sure what she should be doing. Lucy hasn't been able to show her how to snuggle in a take a long football! the start of the Penn State game! the start of the Penn State game!

Lucy...explaining football procedures patiently to Roxie.

I love football...I get a ton of reading done during games! Finished this...could not stop reading it!
For some's mysteries right now for me.

Working on both of these...I am going to be two books at a timing it until I am caught up! It's working! Sort of. I read Julia Keller's first book...same characters as this one...she writes beautifully. Small town prosecutor, small town sheriff, family issues, old quirky diners, off the wall characters...very yummy! This one is a real book and, again, I am only reading it in the family room. Less confusing. It stays on the red coffee table until I am done!

This one? From NetGalley...I have not read an Andrea Kane book in ages...this is so good...seriously good...missing lovely auburn haired college girls...a creepy guy in prison with a weird connection to everyone!

As soon as one of these is wrapped up...this one takes its place. I read and loved Chalk Girl...the Mallory novel before this I am really looking forward to this one! It's mysteries all around!

Making a spinach and tomato frittata for breakfast and staying home all day! Yum!

Happy Reading!


  1. Now that Tech's opener against Alabama is over, I'm ready for football!

  2. Football season finishes for us in the next two weeks or so thankfully, I'm just hoping my sons teams won't meet in the grand final or it will be open warfare!

  3. I love that you get so much reading done during football season. Fall foods and cozy dishes are great at this time of year. Chili- yum. Enjoy your frittata. :)

  4. Yay football, and autumn, and time to read, and good books...oh, and beautiful cats!!

  5. Chili sounds really good to me, too. I love the antics of your "girls." I can picture Roxy frantically trying to figure things out.

    Those mysteries look tempting. I'm going to have to check them out.

  6. Roxie is gonna have to learn the ropes! Lol...glad to hear the 2 book system works. I think I have to do it too. Bueno lettera! Lol...