Friday, August 9, 2013

While Away...We Are Foodies...After All!

We had awesome was here...Fruition! Small, exquisite, fun! Exceptional food!

These were potato wrapped oysters! Yum!

Another was here...Squeaky Bean!

This was a liquid nitrogen something or other! Double yum!

We had dinner at Elway's twice...yes...The Duke! John Elway! Football! I missed jumping all over him by seconds Tuesday night! Darn!

We had this twice...sushi tuna, a block of avocado and amazing sauces! Triple yum!

While Den was moving his dad...I went here...sat at the bar and had a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio and a local roasted salad...North! It was wonderful! Then back to our room to read the afternoon away!

The only place we missed was this one...True Food! Everything on the menu is a good for you was too crowded...we had an early flight and we wanted to get to bed! So we missed out! Sob!


But I bought the cookbook and it is fabulous! Did you know that there actually is a healthy vodka? Oh boy!

Reading a book called Vintage by Susan Gloss...out of the clue when the review is due nor do I care...but the book is yummy! There isn't even a cover shot out yet!

Yesterday I was not granted a book from Penguin on NetGalley...which is really funny because I get books from Penguin all of the time...their reason...from the Penguin rep not blog is not strictly a bookish is about life, too!

To that I say...PHOOEY! Do you actually think I care?

Buona Lettura!


  1. I want to travel with you!!

    That is crazy about their NetGalley decision!

  2. Oh yum yum yum!!!!!
    I want to go out to eat with you guys.

    1. Come on! We will celebrate your new house!

  3. Yes, you are foodies! Looks good, though.

  4. What?? That is crazy about you not being "bookish" enough. Great food stuff!

  5. YUM! This post made me hungry. I want those oysters! Lots of great food! :)