Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We Are Back!

We were in Denver! We took this from our hotel room in Cherry Creek! We stayed at an amazing JW Marriott where we could walk to almost everything...tons of amazing! The hotel was so yummy! Big comfy beds, big TV's, Starbuck's coffees on the Concierge Floor! Even ice cold milk and Starbuck's cake pops at night! Yum!

We needed pampering because we were there for a sad reason. Den's dad had to move from one assisted living place to a new one where he will get more care. No one could tell him that he was moving because of upsetting him. It all had to be done according to a finely tuned plan. Den's dad needed to be distracted so his sons could move his stuff. It all worked out but it was a really exhausting day for his sons. And another sad moment when Den's dad thought that he wasn't wanted at his first home...and another sad moment for a special friend he had there who was so sad that he was gone...but apparently he was ball room dancing this morning and he told us that he liked it there. He won't be so isolated at this brand new place and will be engaged in activities to help his memory...still so sad, though!

Grandpa and his one grandson...

I managed to read 2 books during the 6 days we were gone...I tried to stick to my review schedule but it was hard...I am so behind with reviews that I will never catch up!

Read these...

Will finish these this week...hopefully?

Buona Lettura!


  1. Oh, that was a difficult experience...but it sounds like everyone worked hard to make the transition smooth for Den's dad. And you had a wonderful hotel....glad you enjoyed that part.

    Reading can wait....

  2. I'm glad you're back safe and sound and I hope Den's dad settles in quickly.

  3. So sad when they get forgetful. My momis really struggling with it now too. What a lovely pic of dad with his boys though!

  4. You have a review schedule? I am impressed.

    Again, it is so sad about Den's dad and I also feel sad for his friend that he left behind :(

  5. You'd never know he needed more care. He looks great! Den and his brother standing with him in the back look so much alike. Grandpa is blessed to have a loving family. :-)

  6. NICE. I've never been. I really want to though.

  7. My brother lives about 30 minutes from Denver. What a beautiful area of the country. Sorry you were there for a sad reason, but I am glad it turned out okay. I can imagine that it was emotionally draining.