Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughts! Complaints! Memories!

Here is what I learn and relearn about travel...I tried so hard to keep up with everything...maintain my blog...comment on other was so difficult this time. It was exhausting...I failed!

The two hour time difference was horrible...even taking Advil PM to help us sleep...did not help...we were wired and awake at 3 every morning! We could not fall back to sleep! Both flights were turbulent and so early that we never seemed to fully recover. We left our house at 4 in the morning to get to Denver and did the same thing to get home! We have tons of travel points and usually use them to fly first class...that helped...but we never caught up on sleep! I am an uneasy flier anyway...and the turbulence...OMG!

Then I had the added worry of leaving Lucy and Roxie for almost 6 days...for the first time. I know people think that kitties are easy to leave but this was the first time that my girls were alone together without me to monitor and supervise their still shaky relationship! We have an amazing cat-sitter who came in twice a day and we have these teeny little cameras in the house...we could watch them and see what they were doing 24/7. That helped us relax a bit...the girls seem closer...and haven't left our side since we got in yesterday! Lucy knows this routine but I think little Roxie might have thought we were not ever coming home! My sweet babies! Not sure Lucy liked being the "kitty in charge"...

Then the actual time in Denver...we tried to spend as much time with family as we could...but it's always never enough...sigh...we do our best but always fall short of everyone's expectations...sigh...and Den's dad's move...took a toll on everyone...more worry...more stress...more exhaustion! Plus my eyes puffed up...I bought these special herbal pads to refresh them...and they did the opposite!


Den zipped out for groceries...we are going to make a yummy breakfast and do laundry and get our lives back on track!

I am so sorry if I didn't comment on the blogs I always comment on...but I know you understand!

Buona Lettura!


  1. I hear ya! My mom is only one hour behind us but I'm always out of whack time-wise when I visit her.

  2. The kitties has a party while you were gone. I saw the pics on Instagram ;)

  3. This answers most of my questions about you leaving the kitties. Just one more: Can you watch the kitty-cams from your phone?

  4. No worries honey! We all understand.
    I think summertime is like that.
    It's kinda expected.

    I've been pretty bad too.

    I think summer and November/December folks just get busy.
    So don't worry.
    No apologies necessary.

  5. I heard about the huge party your girls had! It was all over Facebook! Wow! *wink, wink*

  6. It sounds like you need some relaxation time! Traveling to see family can be stressful because you can never meet everyone's expectations. Glad you were able to monitor the kitties and that someone came in. Now- just relax and enjoy being in your own home! :)

  7. Oh, what an experience! How exhausting, and I can relate about flying. How cute that you had cameras on "the girls."

    Enjoy relaxing into your routines!