Saturday, August 31, 2013


Mowing, weeding, watering...isn't it time for the grass to stop growing? Den is going to be really busy today!

Lucy and Roxie and I are busy doing inside things...laundry, resting and reading! Lol! We might manage to make Den lunch...we shall see!

It's a muggy dreary about to rain day here. It's why Den is not fond of East Coast living...too many days without blue skies! Sigh!

This book is so good...Gen has been told her baby was dead at birth...but years later she is told that her baby was alive and taken from her...from this point on in the book everyone is sinister...not a book to read in a relaxing manner! I can't stand it!

Happy Reading!


  1. Poor Den. I can sympathize. I am ready for a rest, too. Watering, weeding and mowing takes a lot out of you! Bring on Autumn! Then I can catch up on reading.

  2. I have lots of cleaning in my future today. It is an indoor day here!