Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Steamy Hot...Again!

This summer has the feel of a lost summer...so much rain...then all the house stuff...the painting...the tree...the deck..oh my...the trip to see Den's dad...and today the washer is getting repaired. It is making a noise that is so loud we can not hear ourselves in the family room! I have to track this summer by keeping in mind sort of illogical events!


Plus now Den has to wear braces! I am sort of laughing. I wore braces twice and now Den has to wear them...he was freaking out but he gets to wear Invisalign...so probably only I will know...and I promised him I wouldn't tell...lol...see how great I am at keeping promises? I wore Invisalign my second time and it's not that bad. We love our orthodontist...there are games in the office and he will be fine! Plus I told him to go years ago but he did not listen to me and now he absolutely has to...I am so right...when I am right!

I hate waiting for repairmen!

I am still deciding what to read...I am in a little bit of a time crunch with Amazon Vine and Last Harvest...too many good books!

I have 5 days to read these...before I am overdue...I read Niceville...by Carson Stroud...and this is the next book in this series...so good...creepy...Steven King scary!

This is described as a "dazzling debut"and it sounds really intense. I think I will read it now!

This one is another thriller! Yum!

It gets even better...I have 6 days to read these...yikes...or else I will be overdue. If you are overdue with Vine you can't get anything new when it's the third Thursday of the month. I am amazed that I am even aware of this but Amazon tracks it for me...I love Amazon and I love Vine! I tend to pick mysteries from Vine and these are both thriller/chillers from authors I have read before!

Ok...off to read and wait!
The Panopticon...her I come!

Happy Reading!


  1. Braces, now?

    My son got his braces off but his retainer is invisalign. You can't even tell if they are on. But they get mucky and you can't drink hot fluids with them in.

  2. If I had to wear them, Invisalign would be my choice, too.

    None of your books look the slightest book familiar...except the last one. I've seen that one around the blogosphere.

    I hope you finally finish all your repairs and can read in peace!

  3. Bitter River looks good. I like a good suspense thriller. I'll be reviewing one soon. We need rain It is 96, hot, humid and we are in a drought again, 2 1/2 " deficit now. The grass is crunchy. We will probably have a wet fall. I'll be on the road the last 2 weeks of September (with Bill).