Sunday, July 7, 2013

We Hit A Wall...

I have slept for the past two nights as though I was in a coma...I have to admit that I am not a creature of the night any more! Sigh!

Den told me the kitties were crazed and playing all over us early in the morning...I heard NOTHING. Roxie Blue was playing with my hair this morning...and then collapsed on my head...I felt NOTHING! Lucy was crying her little Tonkinese head off at 5:00 AM...I wasn't even slightly aware of this.

We were so tired we barely managed to take ourselves out to dinner last night...thank you, again Mr. Clyde Jackson Brown! Lol...but we did!

We needed PROTEIN! We had yummy salads...I had a grilled Caesar salad...Den had beets and baby greens with roasted beets from the chef's own garden. Yum!

We both had Farro Island salmon. So delicious! Why do my hands look like claws? I am dainty...I swear I am...Den took a photo because of what I do to my placemat...he says I move all silverware away from me...hmmm.

Finally reading this...chapter one was breathtaking! I can't stand it!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Wow, I wish I could sleep like that! I'm dying to read Coldest Girl!

  2. Glad you had a fun time at the Jackson Browne concert! To pay $500pr night, I would opt to sleep in my car and save the money for better uses. Even at our local 5* fancy hotel...The Breakers in Palm Beach, the rates are about $ night during the summer season.

    Love to hear the stories about the funny...not so funny with me and doggie watching, having to be awaken every morning at 5am to be let out! Have a great week ahead!


  3. I feel ya. Sometimes the body just needs rest. :)


  4. Rest? What is this rest of which you speak?? Enjoy!

  5. You obviously needed that sleep...sounds like a great concert. Enjoy resting up.

  6. I tend to sleep more when I am away than when I am home. Maybe because I don't have chores waiting for me! Glad the concert was fun and that you got to get some needed deep sleep. :)