Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday! I Truly Love Saturday!

Well...yesterday didn't really happen the way I thought it would...we didn't go out to dinner nor did I make that salad! We actually didn't feel like going was more fun to stay in...we sat on the deck and watched Lucy and Roxie watch the geese...and sipped icy cold drinks!

We had this instead...with a yummy very green salad! We have been watching Big Brother and this is what they make every night! Den and I must be highly influenced by ads...yikes! But the pizza tasted really good!

We changed our reservation to tonight...but I don't feel like going out tonight either!

Just in case we stay home...we are making's Watermelon Raspberry Sangria from a blog called Pip And Ebby's! Yum!

I love the staying home idea...and a simple dish of pasta...

I am reading this...YA...Dystopian...really good! Just a bit Hunger Gamesish...but still good!

Have a fun Saturday!

Buona Lettura!


  1. I want to come hang out with you and drink Sangria and eat pasta.

  2. The pasta looks yummy! And so does the pizza. Enjoy whatever you have...along with those drinks.

  3. Home and pasta wins my vote every time!

  4. Ok I'm ready to crash your house for pastas and sangria.