Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quest Fulfilled!

I know scoring the last Eileen Fisher ballet neck poncho top is not life is not. I think.
But it's on its lovely way to one third of its original price. Eileen Fisher clothes are so comfy and lovely and well made...and I am a clothes horse...lover...aficionado. I am passionate about clothes...I always have been. I love things that are just the teensiest bit out of the ordinary...sigh...sorry, Den!
And since I have the black one, too...mission accomplished! Yes!

Still reading this...I just don't want this scary vampy story to end...Gavriel...the vampire...OMG...thousands or at least hundreds of years old...but dressed in biker boots...a tight black tee, black jeans...OMG! What is it about kissing a sexy vampire? The kiss between Tana and Gavriel? Too amazing! Love this book!

New books this week? This...this...and this...I still do read tons of YA...

Dinner tonight...another Kalyn's Kitchen Salad...yum! Hers is so good. It's too hot to cook tonight!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Yay, I'm glad you got the top you wanted!

  2. You are funny. Glad you got the top. I will pass on kissing a vampire. Hugs.

  3. yes ma'am it was hot today! and that salad looks divine!

  4. Oh, you have had a delicious day all around, from the clothes to the books...and finally the dinner.

    I got Island Girls, by Nancy Thayer, from Vine, and now just have one left to arrive: Chocolate for Two.

    I'm reading After Her, by Joyce Maynard...loving it!

  5. I don't know if my comment "took." here goes. You have had a delicious day, from the clothes to the books...and now the dinner.

    I received another Vine book in the mail: Island Girls, by Nancy Thayer. Just one more to go -- Chocolate for Two.

    Enjoy your evening...???