Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Did You Know?

Did you know...

that a Kindle Single has been released by Amor Towles and Penguin to sort of further tell Eve's story? I just read it and it's wonderful...I only wish I remembered more of Rules...sigh...that's a side effect of my over reading! Lol! But the story starts out in a lovely way with a woman on a train...and it's quite yummy!

Did you know that... won this! Email me and it will be sent to you!

Did you know that...

I am reading a scary chilling yummy sort of knuckle biting mystery? The kind that you just can't put down? The kind where a creepy character who had a totally dysfunctional childhood comes back to town with an agenda that involves murdering almost everyone...OMG...this book is freaking me out! I haven't read a book by this author in ages...this one rocks!

Off to water and get some food...

Buona Lettura!


  1. The Good Sister sounds like a page turner! Congratulations Debbie!

  2. Oooh, creepy and scary sounds good right now! Plus, that's my mom's favorite. :) I'll have to tell her about this one.

  3. "Freaking me out" is not something I usuall look for in a book. I hate nightmares.

    1. Well...I possibly could be exaggerating...just a bit...but it's so good!

  4. The Good Sister has my curiosity now. Interesting.

  5. When I didn't read as many books, I could remember them for a longer books I read in my younger years. Or is that just a short-term, long-term memory thing? lol

  6. I have not read a nail biting mystery in a while. I just pulled one out yesterday to read soon! Must be that time. :)