Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This book was originally published in 1986 and has recently been rereleased by the author. It's been described in this way...

From the Back Cover...

Whether Macgregor is describing Geelong, the cold recesses of Westminster Abbey, the voodoo trail in Haiti, or buttering crumpets in Mullumbimby, the flowing assuredness of his prose sucks the reader in...
John Macgregor won the Adelaide Festival National Manuscript Award for Propinquity and there is plenty of evidence here is a talent worth watching. Escapism with intelligence.
Andrew Stokes, The Australian

Of course you can find it at Amazon! What can't be found at Amazon? It is in my reading queue...it is different enough to appeal to me!

Have you ever been sort of between books...even for a minute? I read this late into the night...it's such a sad profound series but I think I have to stop at the second book...for now...

Now is my time to totally switch out for a fantasy or book that can carry me away and that I don't have to think about!

I need some witches, wizards, slightly evil plots of world dominance by an evil being...talking helpful animals and other slightly odd yet kind creatures and maybe...just maybe...we need to toss in a fairie or two! Werewolves with a good streak and kindly vampires will be considered! Yum!

Buona Lettura!


  1. You sure do like a variety of books!

  2. You find an intriguing mix of books that I've never heard of! Hope you enjoy them!