Thursday, July 18, 2013

Betwixt And Between...

Have you ever not known what you wanted to read next? I am at that spot...I am not in the mood for anything so I am starting and stopping. I hate starting and stopping...I rarely do that...and when I do...I seriously hate it. I am not a starter stopper...I am a read one good/ great book at a timer!

Actually...I am reading this...sort of Southern...and really good...I am quite happy and content reading it! It suits me now. There have been some sad parts begins in the 1920's South...and lots of people weren't exactly nice then...and some pigs were turned into ham...and a little boy tried to buy fabric for his sister that was reserved for "whites only" and his grandfather has to hide him and send him away to relatives in the North so he stays safe...and now I am in the 1970's South...where a sweet little boy likes glitter and pink and is teased by others...and teased by his brother because he iced cupcakes with pink icing and his dad said that he meant to "make them red but didn't add enough food coloring" as a way to protect we know where this is headed... The writing is lovely...just sweetly lovely.

I hate to say it again...but it is so hot! I have no clue what to make for dinner...Den was gone until yesterday so I mostly ate lettuce sandwiches and cucumber cooling and so good! Today is supposed to be the most intense day of heat! We actually had a "brown out" last night. Everything electrical stopped instantly! Amazing!

Buona Lettura!


  1. When I finished Night Film I wasn't in the mood for anything. I take that back, I was in the mood for another book like Night Film but it took me some time to find it. So I am reading House of Leaves right now which is like 700 pages or something. It's good, but it may take awhile to get it read. I am also reading Reconstructing Amelia which is a tad juvenile for me but easy to read.

    It's hot here but not blazing hot. Like 100 or so.

  2. I listened to A Place at the Table and just loved it!

  3. Bill was home, so I am behind on some posts, and reading. Life happens.
    Your girls are looking so cute in their pictures together here & on FB. I am so glad.

    1. I am so relieved and so proud of Lucy!

  4. A Place at the Table looks really good...hope you move past your start/stop place.