Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Slight Change Of Plans...

Due to an extreme over abundance of amazing books from Amazon Vine...and their spillover of temptingly irresistible books called Last Harvest...I forgot about the plethora of real books I have to finish really soon! I sometimes forget how good it feels to read a real book that you hold and actually turn the pages yourself! Quite yummy!

So...yesterday I read this one...and loved it...it has goats and a chicken named Dub and an aunt named Jean (who speaks wonderful words) and goats with cool names...I know I mentioned the goats twice but they were so cool! There was sorrow and bullying and a "hot farmer" and a lot of older hippies! Yum!

And today I am reading this one...NYC as its setting...a London family forced to move from their big house to an 800 sq.ft. apartment...I am a third of the way in and I love it...light, fun, an easy breezy book!

I have nine days left to review these and a few others that I will share later this week.
I actually love Amazon Vine's new system...I work so much better with a schedule!

Dinner tonight? The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Taco Salad...she posted this yesterday...it looks so good...doesn't it?

Buona Lettura!


  1. What time should I get there for dinner?

    1. Catch a flight now...Bring some "craft" beer...lol...and Den will pick you up for 6 ish!

  2. The books look great, as does the salad! I want to read "The Lost Husband"!

  3. I really enjoyed The Lost Husband, too. And while I wouldn't have picked up No One Could Have Guessed the Weather from the title, your description of it made me want to read it.

    First hook: NYC. Books set there always seem to grab me.

    Your dinner looks good, too.

  4. I don't think I know anyone that reads as many books as you! Your amazing. Interesting cover on No One Could Guess the Weather.

  5. You had me at older hippies. :) I love reading about older hippies. They make such unique and layered characters.