Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Quest! Most Certainly A Quest!

See this Eileen Fisher ballet neck poncho top? I have the black one and love it! I have been searching...in between reading ColdTown...for this gray one and it is sold out all over the country. See? Other people love flowy tunicky things, too! Anyway...an awesome customer service agent...Diane...from Eileen Fisher found it for me...there is exactly one left! Somewhere in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts! Plus it is ridiculously on sale! My hands are shaking! Lol...I still need to call them and make sure it's still there! And get it! Oh my! Quest will not be over until it's mine!

Still reading this...again...Holly Black is a genius...ColdTown has those great short chapters that are so juicy that you can't stop reading...love this book.

Today is a lovely stay at home day...I am making a very special dinner for Den...
These cucumbers that his mom always made but this recipe is from Kalyn's Kitchen. She uses South Beach Diet techniques so her recipes are really lower in fat and still yummy!

And this...Unstuffed Cabbage! This recipe is everywhere! It's really meat and cabbage and tomatoes that are simply simmered together. Both of our mom's made Stuffed Cabbages and Stuffed Peppers...a Midwest thing? I tried once and destroyed them...not good at rolling stuff up and actually having it stay inside! So this is the one that works for me!

We had heat and humidity yesterday that was scary! And then lightning, thunder and downpours! I think more of the same today!

Roxie does not understand rain the way Lucy does. Roxie loves our routine of putting up the kitty tent and sitting on the deck. I read...she watches ducks, herons, geese, and squirrels! She squeaks at the deck door and waits for me to carry her to her tent. But with a wet deck and rain any second...she just looks at me as if to say...why?

Buona Lettura! Have a great day!


  1. I hope you get your top!!

    We're starting to bet on when it will rain instead of if it will rain. We got another 1.1 inches yesterday. I am over it.

  2. You need a shopping intervention! You are obsessed!

    1. I love clothes...I have always been this way...sigh!

  3. Did you get the top? The supper looks and sounds delicious! I feel like Roxie does about this rainy, stormy pattern! Last year the drought was a nightmare...now lawn mowing and mosquitoes are a nightmare.

  4. Oh, your clothes choices are so awesome...they wouldn't necessarily work for me...well, maybe some of them. But I imagine they would for you.

    Lovely dinners, too; I do like cabbage, especially when combined with other ingredients.

    Today I had lunch with two of my grown kids and five of my grandchildren.

    1. Now that sounds like a busy fun day! The cabbage stuff was yummy!