Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wow...Wicked Weather!

I have never seen so much wind, rain and lightning! I was sitting in the dark at around 9 this morning...sipping coffee...and could not see outside...except for lightning flashes...Den is sitting in the airport in St. Louis trying to get home before the next storm comes in a few hours...of course the phone was ringing but my mom always said not to answer the phone if it was lightning so that was even worse...worser...more

The entire time I was trying to figure out how to get two kitties and one birdie to safety. Amazingly the kitties did not seem that stressed by the storm. And now it's really quiet...but it's supposed to come again later. Hopefully it won't. But even yesterday the ground was so squishy from all of this I guess it will be even squishier.

Finished this...good but not as good as I wanted it to be...

Reading this...oh so good...I need a bit of YA...sort of a secret society paranormal mystery. This is my break from all the adult dysfunction I have been reading.

Want these...with battery operated tea lights I can hang them everywhere! I think I will!

Bought's yummy, oversized and awesome with jeans!

Bought this...comfy go everywhere dress! I love dresses in the summer!

My airport shoes...sorry, Juju! Really comfy!

What's your favorite summer go to outfit? I really need to know!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Stay safe!

    Kitties are funny like that. Nothing fazes them.

    LOVE the top!!!!

  2. I am really just a t-shirt and jean kind of gal. Plain, but comfy.

    Be careful. That weather sounds horrible but it's nice to warm and cozy inside, when all hell is breaking loose outside. Hope Den can get home, though.

  3. The weather is scary - stay safe!

    My go to outfit is capris and a t-shirt. Boring, I know.

    1. I am itchin' to go shopping with you!

  4. You guys got it worse than us I think! of course I was sleeping thru it here, we got it at like 3 in the morning. Son near Chambersburg PA. said he watched it roll in this morning out on his deck and it was awesome looking. Hope Den got home okay. I love the tea lights!!

  5. Love the "airport shoes." I just finished reading No Child of Mine....didn't do much of anything else today! Loved it....