Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why I Love The Emmaus Farmers's Market!

It's an event! There is a local band and people bring their dogs and a festival like atmosphere prevails! Everyone has a specialty! There's the cheese guy and the bread ladies and the strawberry, rhubarb, asparagus couple! There is the cupcake lady who is right next to the buffalo guy and the egg lady! This year there is a pizza booth...and a sweet little older gentleman sells honey and he doesn't care if you pay him today or next week. There are amazing local vegetables. We bought radishes and different colored carrots and lettuces so beautiful you can't stand it...we bought purple chard and dinosaur kale and baby beets to roast. We bought a veg crostini and a spinach goat cheese croissant that we will eat later for dinner with a salad. We bought pea shoots...we love these in salads! Who knew there was such a thing as a pea shoot?

We bought a home made granola from the bread ladies that is amazing. We bought fresh local strawberries that were prepped by Den...rinsed, sliced and sugared...we are having them later on toasted pound cake with whipped cream.

The minute we walked in I prepped all the veg to use this week. And we had our favorite lunch...lettuce sandwiches! Bread from the bread ladies...simply buttered and with a bit of good mayonnaise...and a handful of local buttery good!

This farmers' market is over an hour away...there are lots closer but we love going to Emmaus. We always stop at the Trivet Diner for breakfast. The actual town of Emmaus is sweetly quaint...and we love being exhausted when we walk in the door!

Really truly wiped out! We have had our showers, our lettuce sandwiches and we are chilling and watching tv...exhausted...



  1. Sounds like my kind of day!

  2. You have such wonderful places to enjoy in your surrounding area.

    We have a Farmer's Market on Tuesdays in the neighborhood mall, and there is music; I like sitting outside a cafe and having a drink while I listen. But your Farmer's Market sounds a lot better.