Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sweet Salt Air: My Absolute And Final Thoughts!

Sweet Salt Air
Barbara Delinsky

My "in a nutshell" summary...

Nicole and Charlotte reunite on an island off the coast of Maine after a ten year separation. Needless to say there are tons of yummy issues!

My thoughts after reading...

I can't even remotely write or say anything "bad" about this book. Reading a book by Barbara Delinsky is like going home for me. Her books are yummy, relaxing, and have just the right amount of dysfunction and secrets...and in this book...amazing food descriptions!

The location for this book is also a place I cherish...Maine...and her descriptions of the people, the food, the coast, the berries...EVERYTHING...are so spot on we booked a trip in August.

Ok...first of all I love and adore Leo and his dog Bear...his relationship with Charlotte has the kind of romantic spark that is filled with...hmmm...let's just say intensity...that is to die for in a without being graphic. Ms. Delinsky captured my reading soul in this book. I was NEVER bored...I was always anticipating each character's next move...I adored this book.

Let's just say that if you were on the beach reading Sweet Salt would miss lunch and a snack and most likely have a terrible sunburn because time would fly by so quickly.

Lest I forget...just a quick briefing of the story...Charlotte and Nicole reunite on their island to write a cookbook. Nicole's doctor husband has a secret that Nicole has kept for 4 years...Charlotte has a secret that could help Nicole's husband but kill her renewed relationship with Nicole. Leo is an island enigma and Charlotte is drawn to him...and of course...everything clashes! Yum!

What I loved about this book...

In a word...EVERYTHING!

What I did not love...

Nicole was my least favorite character...she had spoiled brat only child syndrome...but that just added to the allure of this book.

Final thoughts...

Readers who are familiar with this author's work will be delighted with this book. I think it's her best ever!


  1. This sounds marvelous! I don't think I've ever read anything by Delinsky but it sounds like I need to remedy that.

    1. Well...I pretty much ate it up slowly...and obsessed over it enough!

  2. That's it. I'm getting this book. I don't think I've ever seen you so enthused over a novel.
    Welcome home Big Daddy!! Meow!!! LOL...

  3. I loved the book, too, and felt as though I had gone to Maine with the characters. I didn't like Nicole much, either; can we say entitled? And that little girl voice!

    But she was a great foil for Charlotte, who is the kind of character I enjoy.

    Yes, Delinsky is like "going home."

  4. I've never been to Maine. I suspect I'd want to go after reading this one. Am I right?