Friday, June 7, 2013

Slow Is The Way To Go...With This One!

I am a fast reader...seriously...I love reading lots of books...I love snapping a book shut or "removing it from my device" or "archiving" it on my Kindle. Love it! I love writing the review, posting it on Twitterfeed, Facebook, and Amazon. Love it. I can read at least three...sometimes four...books a week. It's the way I roll. But...this book...can not end...I just want it to go on forever.

I think I might actually be obsessive about this book...I can't even say it's the best book I have ever's just that it captures Maine so perfectly! I shared Whale School and Maine Fish Chowder yesterday but there is so much more to Maine for us. We pretty much get there every year...sometimes twice a year. We have rented houses, stayed in B&B's, and once we stayed in an awesome apartment over a barn...OMG...we loved it!

We have walked rocky beaches with Lucy Grace in a backpack...eaten chowder from
Cappy's and the Sea Biscuit and a ton of other places. Den stood in line forever to get a lobster roll from Red's. We have explored tons of towns, museums and restaurants. We have looked at properties and talk about living there...someday...we know winters can be rough but our favorite times there are off don't think that is an issue.

We rarely go to any new restaurants when we are in Maine...we have way too many faves that we must go's so much fun!


The infamous stand in line forever lobstah roll!

Bistro Francine!





Plus...we love staying here...we can walk everywhere but Primo's...

And that's just Camden!

We usually spend a few nights in's so's like the best Indie town ever...shops, bookstores, coffee! With a sidewalk along the beach where you can walk for hours...and more of our favorite restaurants! Who knew?
Street and Company and Fore Street are owned by Dana Street...we have been going to both of these for years...Gelato Fiasco was a last year's find...I crave it still!

When in Portland with Lucy Grace...we stay at the waterfront Marriott Residence Inn...without her...this one...small and can walk to everything!

I am sorry...I am totally enmeshed in Maine...I would rather go to Maine than almost any other place...

Now...back to my book!

I just might have to find some lobstahs for dinner!

Buona Lettura!


  1. The book must be amazing since it captures Maine so well. I've never visited there and will have to in the pages of this book!

  2. You need to start a food blog. I soooo want a lobster roll but I might as well just eat lobster as GF rolls are like door stops.

  3. I love lobster rolls and now I want one! Maine is such a beautiful place. My cousin lives in Portland and my aunt, uncle, and cousin live in Freeport. Another one of my uncles is co-owner of a resort in Bar Harbor. Each place has charm and beauty. :) I hope you get there for a visit soon because it is going to be on your mind now that you have been reading this book :)

  4. Sounds like a goodie - the June Books You Loved is going live in a couple of days. I hope you link this in. Cheers

  5. I thought you would love this book for those very reasons....I loved it, and I've never even been to Maine. But reading it felt like being there....

  6. Now I want to go to Maine...and read that book! Do lobstah rolls have any butter involved? Like on the bread or anything? I think they use butter to toast the bread...maybe not on the lobster itself...*butter-minded* *Sigh*...Lol...

    1. You can be butter free with a lobstah roll!