Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh My...

We are having really weird weather here. Supposedly a small tornado touched down last night...not far away. We lost power once and I think it rained most of the night.

Today was a day of setting up the kitty tent...then carrying each kitty out and zippering them up in the tent...setting out the furniture pillows...getting iced tea...getting just the right sunglasses...getting my book...only to have the wind mess up everything...the tent blew over with kitties inside...I had to rescue everyone and get everything put away minutes before another downpour. Whew! If the tent was in the ground it would have been fine...but on the deck...it's like a kite in the wind...plus I have learned that cats aren't fond of wind...and one drop of rain puts them into a frenzy!

Reading this...perfect for this time of year...I love it!

These three books have been popping up lately...this one is supposed to be similar to a Sex And The City...kind of mystery...location...NYC!

This one...I think is very Southern...and is about a dysfunctional Southern family...I could not resist and bought Restrike...the other was available on Amazon Vine for review...there is just something about this cover...

This one...is more spiritual...people who have died are coming back home exactly as they left...this one has me fascinated! I have this one, too...thank you to Harlequin...I will read it soon.

With that said...I am off to read!

Buona Lettura!


  1. The weather has been strange here too - today's the first day in ages it hasn't rained. I'm reading The Last Original Wife too!

  2. Oh yikes! Poor things. My cats would have been frantic too.
    I'm glad you got everyone back inside,safe.

  3. Oh honey. Stay safe.

    Icky weather is perfect reading weather. :)

  4. Oh no! Stay safe, hopefully things will get better soon.
    Happy reading! :)

  5. Cat's rolling around in the wind... not good. Poor babies!

  6. Sorry about the crazy weather. Yesterday we had weird weather- it alternated between dark and stormy and bright sunshine on and off all day! Hope the rest of the week will be nicer. :)

    Stay safe!