Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Dad...

He always called me his first love...he always bought me little special things my whole life long...a thermos for school...a chunky silver charm bracelet that I have still...a little coffee pot like his that I said I loved. He loved my cats and had treats waiting for them, too. He packed my lunch on my first day of teaching school. He helped me buy my first car...he wanted me to live at home one and only dad.

I can only go by what I am feeling but...I don't think it ever gets easier or better...I think you just put it in the back of your mind...and I imagine what it would be like if he was still here. Den and I talk about how much he would have loved our house and the pond...and feeding the ducks...we so wanted him to be well enough to come here...and he wanted that, too. He would have armed himself with bread every day...and walked and made sure the ducks and geese were fat and sassy. wasn't meant to be. So...I think of him...and hold one of his soft flannel shirts...the ones he loved and no one got why I wanted them...and...

I think of him...I think of him every day...I look at photos of him...and I look at my collection of his soft flannel shirts that I can't bear to part with...and I miss him still...

Happy Father's Day, Dad...


  1. Your dad sounds a lot like my dad. I got teary eyed in the grocery store yesterday watching people buy things for Father's Day. I'm sending hugs your way.

  2. He sounds amazing.

    I love that you have his flannels.
    You should have them turned into a quilt that you can wrap up in.

    From one girl who misses her father to another here's a *hug*

    1. Yep..we need those hugs today especially...

  3. Ahh...yes. My sentiments exactly. I do appreciate your reminisces of those we hold so dear. Be comforted. Be blessed...

  4. What a sweet tribute to your dad, Patty....and I love your wedding photos.....

  5. You're dad sounds wonderful. I miss my dad too.