Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Finished this...who knew Dottie had such a snarky sense of husbands such as the ones in this book can not exist...right? The kind who play golf every week end and take their wives for granted or turn them in for a younger way! This book was way too much fun!

Reading's good...really reeks of family dysfunction and I only just started it this morning!

This was a day filled with errands...before Den comes home...and that means lots of different stores...
Target for Target stuff...Pier 1 for room spray and big white coffee mugs...that I don't need...PetCraze for the Weruva Turkey Duck wet food that my girls are inhaling this week and for Grammy's Pot Pie and Turducken...their other faves. My last stop was Whole Foods but there is a huge roadblock in the same little plaza as Whole Foods...and it's called Bejamin Lovell still my beating heart...I needed a pair of shoes that I can walk/ run through airports in...and I found a pair...cute but still comfy! Mission accomplished!

I am always looking for comfy yet trendy shoes...what about you?

Buona Lettura!


  1. I knew you'd finish the book before I did. Dottie does have a great sense of humor - she was hilarious at lunch today.

    1. I read way far into the was funny!

  2. I am eager to read The Last Original Wife...I requested it from the library, but so far, nothing. It may take forever! lol

    As you know, I loved Instructions for a Heatwave. Enjoy!

    I've been clearing off shelves and packing up more books to be donated (in the garage at the moment!). And Noah has been here for the last two days and has been eating lots of popcorn and ice Nana's spoiling diet.

  3. What kind of room spray? Have you seen Ikea's white mugs?

  4. No picture of the shoes? How could you?!

  5. Sounds like you have been busy! Love that The Last Original Wife has a snarky main character (I love the word snarky). :) Glad the books are so entertaining!