Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Did It!

Den is one of those men who is sweet about food. He knows that I get bored and I love to try new things...and he loves everything I make for him.

Yesterday he was able to catch an earlier flight so he was home by 6 ish. When I asked him what he wanted for chowder or chicken...he asked for fish chowder.

Over dinner he told me that the idea of having fish chowder brought back so many fond memories...of Maine and other places we have explored there. Our first taste of fish chowder was on a sailing ship while we were whale watching. The chef brought out a huge pot and crusty bread and mugs and spoons...that's how we had our first taste of real fish chowder...and that's how our fish chowder tasted last night.
Den was ecstatic!

Our love for all things Maine began with Whale School.

I needed 3 graduate hours to renew PA certification to teach. Because we had just been moved here and I couldn't stand the thought of school...I found a graduate class that took place on an island off the coast of Maine...Grand Manan...and Den and I went to whale school! It was tons of fun...we did tons of fishy stuff...and we fell in love with Maine. Den was a far better student than I was...he loved all of the classes...I hated them! And once there when I found out we had to actually write stuff and do real reports nightly...I was out while Den was still in!

I am not a studious girl at all!

Anyway...this book is bringing it all back...I love this book!

The food descriptions are to simply die for and the island simply lovely!

Can't wait to get back there!

Buona Lettura!


  1. That class sounds pretty amazing to me, except for the report writing. ;)

  2. How cooooool! Proud of you. And slightly jealous too.

  3. High five on your success! You've got me craving crusty bread now.

  4. Oh wow! That is such a cool and unique experience. You're such an adventurous girl. What a great couple. I really enjoyed this post! :-)

  5. I loved the food experiences in that book, too; I felt like I was there!

  6. Congratulations! I have never had fish chowder but I have pinned this recipe and am going to try it! Hubby likes clam chowder so...I love Maine it is my favorite place to be and wish we could retire there! I'll have to check on this book,Patty!

  7. lol- the school sounds like it could be fun (but I guess it was still work). I have always wanted to go on a whale watch. It is on my bucket list. Every summer I hope to do one- maybe this summer I will finally do it! Thanks for sharing. :)