Monday, June 3, 2013

Back To Normal...

Den's staycation/Patty's long week has come to an end! Everyone is where they are supposed to! I am trying to put our life back in dusting, vacuuming, prepping for dinner...doing laundry...sigh! We aren't going to dinner in the middle of the week...or watching movies or Falling Skies Marathons...we are back on my much loved routine! I am not making popcorn for a movie marathon...we are not deciding what to have for dinner ten minutes before we should be having was much fun...but we are back to our regular life! Hurray!
I love a schedule! I do! I do!

Books! Finished this! Fun!

Next up? I hope to read these this week...but we shall see!

But these two are distracting me...they love the "toy drawer"...


  1. Are your girls getting into things in the drawer together?

  2. OMG! A toy drawer...well, that won't stay neat very long.

    That reminds me of what I did for my own kids; there was one lower cabinet where I put things that they could play with...pots, pans, etc. They had fun banging those things together. The other cabinets had safety locks on them.

  3. find joy in the simple things in life...looks like the girls are playing side by side! Yay!

  4. Teachers and former teachers must have a thing with schedules. :)

    All the books look good. Hope they live up to their covers and titles. :)