Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Who is the genius from The Kitchn who thinks of these things? A warm gooey deep dish chocolate chip cookie? OMG...

Still reading this...it's so sweet...children at this orphanage have one task...to find miracles...so far they have tried catching them with nets...no luck...now they are trying to make them in a laboratory...

Going out to dinner this evening...Den is off all week long so in between yard work and flower planting and painting and movies we are dining out!
It's called Moro's...and they have great small plates...which I love!


  1. YUMMMM! On both the cookie deep dish and dinner.

  2. The cookie looks delish! Ahh...excuse me, but didn't you dine out a lot during the kitchen renovation? I want you in the kitchen, cooking and making use of that new, magnificent island!! Ha ha ha...lol...Agh!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

  3. Oh, you have lots of wonderful restaurants nearby! Enjoy!

  4. Ok, that cookie dish is incredible!

  5. Okay that dessert looks SO delicious! YUM! Warm too!