Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Thoughts...

Simply Recipes just posted this...I love this site plus now Elise Bauer...the site owner...has an app...her recipes are truly simply amazing!
This is Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. I kind of want it now!

Love Free People...the quirky Indie stuff that I love can always be found there. I want this's the kind you can totally live in!
Oversized, stretchy, easy to wear!

Getting these from Amazon Vine...
Love love love both of these authors!

I think my girls have each claimed a bed! Should I move the beds closer?

Happy Start Of The Holiday Weekend...Den is taking all of next week off but not to have way...we have stuff to do...planting, mulching, fixing stuff...ick!


  1. I would feel like I was wearing my pajamas around if I wore that dress. I vote to move the girls' beds closer together.

    1. I think that you are right about the beds!

  2. Yes, you could gradually move them closer, and the "kids" might not even

  3. Move the beds closer! A little at a time and then they will be next to each other. :) Yeah!

  4. If you move the beds, do it slowly and without them noticing. But, keep in mind, everyone needs their own space. They need to be able to feel safe and relaxed. I wouldn't move them for awhile, and then a little every couple of days. Relax, Mom. They are happy!