Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh Me Oh My...

After a lovely respite to read my very own book...I missed little self imposed deadlines that I sort of made for myself...

I had to bounce some books...but now I have to do these...ASAP! Actually they all should be done before May 28th...a book a day? Yikes!
Ripped I can skip because I own it...but the others...I am on it! Or am I?

Happy Saturday!


  1. I just heard about the last one yesterday. It definitely sounds interesting. Happy weekend.

  2. Don't stress over books! Read what you can and enjoy them!

  3. Are some of the books lent from somewhere? I had an e-book on loan that I never did get around to reading, but oh, well! That's how it goes, huh?

    We do the best we can...and sometimes we have to take time to read what we want.