Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Simply Hate Waiting For Rain!

It's supposed to rain but the sun is out...Lucy and now Roxie remind me of our summer routine...daily...

They like to sit outside in their tent while I read. They like to listen to ducks, geese, and birds. They love watching the squirrels. They can see and hear everything from their screened in meshy tent...plus they can move around, drink water and spar occasionally!

They each have a unique way of telling me that we should be on the deck...Lucy has mastered "the look" while Roxie has mastered "the squeaky chirp". Both are relentless in their quest for what they want me to do.

Of course they always win...I am mush to them...lol!

Dogs probably bark to get what they want...my cats patiently wear me down! Right now I can barely type. Lucy has placed herself on top of my arm...gently tapping it...Roxie just knocked down picture frames.

Time to give in!

Still reading this but I will finish it later today...it is so good I can't stand it! What is it about that era...the twenties...that is so fascinating...riding camp, elocution, dances...fifteen year old Thea has been sent away to Yonahlossee. The book so far is a teaser...a lovely teaser...about what she did to make her family...her close knit family...do this to her...they do not want her home for a year! She has left her twin brother, her horse, her mother and father for the first time ever. She has never even gone to school...she was homeschooled! They won't even call her...I am going crazy trying to figure this out...even the odd clues and flashbacks are not helping!

Deck time!


  1. Are we into summer yet? It sure doesn't feel like it.

    My dog meows. I realize this is not the norm.

  2. Hooray for homeschooled kids in books!
    My kids were/are homeschooled :)

    That book sound delicious, I love the ones that tease.

  3. Our dog used to paw at us or rub against us when she wanted something.

    I met someone today who actually went to that camp. She's going to an event there for the book. I was jealous! I've got to get a copy of it!

  4. How cute that the cats have their unique ways to communicate....and how nice that they have their tent.

    That book sounds good...I'm enjoying Fly Away now, the Kristin Hannah book I planned for this week.

  5. "Squeaky chirps"? I LOVE it!!! I'm telling you, those girls are living the life...I could hang out in that tent...lol...Love that they are comfortable with each other now. :-)