Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fun With A Fyrelocke Giveaway!

Reading this...mysterious, creepy, with a multitude of yummy dysfunction...and about disappearing girls...I seem to be reading tons of that lately!

Finished this...more disappearing girls...intense...and more family dysfunction.

Also finished this...loved this book...loved it! Now I want a horse! You have to read this's that good!

Here is my wonderful very special giveaway! I loved this's fun and effect for any kid...big or might know! Probably best suited for middle grades but I hate to label it...I loved it!
It will be signed and sent to you by this very special author!

Just comment and I will grab a winner next week!
Have an awesome Friday! We are mowing...Den...and deck reading...Patty, Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue! Every day they get just a little bit more relaxed with each other! Whew!


  1. Reading on the deck? I love it!
    I want a deck badddd!
    We're hoping our next house has one.
    Otherwise Mr. Whimsy has promised to build me one.
    BTW I love that bedspread.

  2. Well, TGIF! You are all having a good one. Have a great weekend!

  3. The girls are looking good!

  4. Wendy Corsi Staub is an author I haven't read in awhile. This one looks good....I do love dysfunction! lol