Sunday, May 26, 2013


One of my favorite shops in the entire The Cotton Garden in Camden, Maine.

My friend Jane called because my favorite gauzy dresses came in...I love these in the summer...I literally live in them...and normally we would be in Maine so that I could buy them but she took photos of them all and I bought them that way.
Here are a few favorites...there are skirts and tops, too! They are inexpensive summary pieces that can be thrown on without thinking about can toss them in the washer but I usually hang them to dry...I sort of bought all of these...I think! I can't actually will be a surprise when they come...won't it?
Definitely my style...easy, breezy, comfy to wear in the summer!

Happy Sunday!


  1. You did buy as much in one day as I have all season! lol

  2. I especially love the last one! Beautiful!

  3. I love that kind of fabric...and the softness. Those scarves are gorgeous, too.


  4. These dresses are so easy to ironing!! That last one looks really short! that a dress or a shirt?! Lol...

  5. Those outfits all look so cozy! Love that you were able to get them via photos. :)

  6. Some of those look like shirts!