Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Off Week...

This is such an odd week for me...because Den is home and we are just sort of both working on house stuff...estimates for the driveway and house painters, a tree that needs to come down, getting beds ready for mulching...a visit from Ron our favorite plumber guy...all are taking up tidbits of our time. Something was leaking in the basement so Den shut down what he thought was the water to the downstairs bathroom. When Ron got here he politely told Den that whatever was leaking had nothing to do with the downstairs bathroom. Den had it shut down for two weeks. Sigh!

We scored tickets to a Jackson Browne concert in Atlantic City and to an America concert there, too...I know...oldies but I love them!

Reading and loving's all about Maine...actually an island near this book!

Off for a hair appointment...then out for sushi!



  1. Sounds like Den is working just as hard at home as at "work"! That's the way it is...You try to get the stuff done you don't have time for otherwise...You go to the coolest concerts...Jackson Browne has lost some of his pretty...getting old is a drag...among other things...if you get my drift...LOL...

  2. What a great concert that will be...lucky you!

    And I loved Sweet Salt Air, as you know. Hope you do, too.

    I've absolutely adored all of my reading this week: Sweet Salt Air, The Husband's Secret, He's Gone, and now Dark Places.

  3. It sounds like you and Den have been super busy!

    Jackson Browne will be a great concert! How exciting. :) I love America- their music reminds me of so many food times. :)