Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's Happening Today...

Well...I dropped a bowl of blueberries from the refrigerator...of course it smashed and of course blueberries went everywhere...and of course the glass break alarm went off and the whole house alarm went off...sigh!
Then Roxie came galloping into the kitchen and squashed a blueberry into goo...now she is slightly blue...sigh!
I despise cleaning up extra messes that I am the direct cause of...then I hit my nail and chipped my nail...so...of course the polish that should not come off came off...but only half came off which is almost worse than all of it coming off...sigh!
Plus I really wanted those blueberries...

Finished this...it was so good...I think I liked it even more than Across The Universe!
Elissa has a twin...a spare...and in her quest to save her twin sets out on an amazing adventure. It's all realms, press a button for everything, spaceship stuff...fast paced and just really filled with thrills and chills and spills!

Just started this...

What are you up to today? Any blueberries in your future?


  1. What a rotten way to start the day. Surely things will be uphill from now on.

  2. I love blueberries. What a shame!

  3. I hate when I start my day that way! Spilling and cleaning up are no fun! I hope the rest of the day is just amazing. Sometimes it helps to get the bad part out of the way right off the bat. :)

    Glad to hear you are getting in some good reading!

  4. :( I hate days like that. Here's to a better tomorrow.

  5. What did you just finish? (Did I misread?) I recently finished There Was An Old Woman.
    Now I want berries!

  6. I can relate to your spillage....I dropped a basket of strawberries all over the floor. I was rushing, which is always a bad thing. And what a mess! No broken glass, and I didn't break or chip my nail...but that's probably because they were ready to be redone and not looking their best! lol

    I loved There Was an Old Woman. Hope you do, too.

    1. Somehow you have made me feel better...lol...sorry!

    2. As an addendum to my story, I thought I'd wiped up the spillage before rushing out the door...alas, came back to ANTS!

  7. Booooooooooooooo! Blueberries are fragile, lovely, and pricey. You poor dear.

    I hate when I break a nail.