Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well...Here's The Thing...

We went out to dinner last night but not for fun...we wanted to remember what it was like to clink a fork and knife onto a real china was thrilling!
Such a lovely sound!

Today's breakfast was provided by...

We had this...

Lunch was provided by...Michoacana Grill.

We had this...

Dinner...right now up for grabs...too many decisions to make!

We want a big salad with grape tomatoes, candied pecans, grilled chicken and my homemade dressing.

Or a Caesar salad with grilled's all I can think about!

What are you having for dinner on real dishes tonight?


  1. We're having burgers on the grill, but a salad sounds delicious to me.

  2. That Talula's Table looks so adorable and picturesque. What is that you had for lunch? It looks kinda like a beef taco. Looks good! Yum. I had turkey, potato salad and coleslaw today.

  3. Oh, I know what you mean! I do love real china (or even pottery!), and real silverware.

    Even when I'm just having a sandwich (or like tonight, a baked potato and a salad), I pick out one of my favorite settings. I often forget to use the fine china, but the other pretty dinnerware gets a workout. Enjoy!

    I like your meal choices for today.

  4. Mm those tacos look delicious!

    I'm forwarding an award to you if you want to participate :)

  5. There is something about the clinking of real forks and knives! All of your meals look so good!