Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's funny how people either love and are touched by cats...or they just aren't. Den and I adore kitties but we tend to live with the "ese" kind...Tonkinese...they are the most dog like of kitties...they fetch and run and are pretty much in our faces all of the time. Both Lucy and Roxie bring us toys to toss. They aren't the kinds of kitties who are just there...they are very interactive. Tonkinese breeders say that owning a Tonk is like living with a three year old kid...for a long long time.

Now I know that we totally did not do right by Lucy by not getting another Tonk as soon as our other kitty died.

We worried, we fussed, we catered, we took her everywhere but we didn't get her a companion. So...the process of bonding with Roxie is a slow one. Lucy hasn't had contact with another cat for three years. I think she forgot she was a cat. We got Roxie so that she would remember. And...she is remembering. She lightly touches Roxie...she plays with Roxie...she looks for Roxie...this photo was taken yesterday and I think she was getting ready to sit next to and study Roxie but Roxie made the mistake of Lucy ran!

I yearn for the day when I walk in and find them sleeping together! No sparring...just my sweet girls!

Roxie yearns to be invited into the beloved heated bed! Come on, Lucy Grace...just do it!

Is this Lucy reaching out? Lol!


  1. It looks like they're going to be great friends soon!

  2. Cat relationships are interesting things. I often wonder what they really think of their housemates.

  3. This is so sweet. You are such a good mom, and your girls are wonderful.

  4. Definite signs of progress! Hang in there....

  5. I got so excited when I saw the title and first pic of this post! I'm sure they'll be grand pals soon.

  6. I think they are making great progress. And when everything comes together... Yeah! It will be soon. I loved the pictures and found the info about this type of cat fascinating! Those girls will be friends soon!

  7. You might call that reaching out but it's a paw, ready to bop that Roxie on the head if she gets to close to that heated bed. Reality. LOL. But they will be great pals. Siblings bicker too. It's sort of like that.