Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love Sitting Outside...

It's so peaceful sitting outside this time of year...most often with a book...but sometimes just for a few minutes of doing nothing but listening.

Yesterday...was just lovely...there are only two geese here now...nesting? They were quietly chattering to each other until a third goose flew to the opposite side of the pond and the two geese went crazy...honking and swimming toward him and then swimming away from him...the lone goose seemed to want to just ignore them but they did not settle down for the longest time. Then the ducks started chasing each other. Then the crows started. Then the kids across the pond zipped around the pond in their golf cart. Then I heard the sound of the trash bin coming down the driveway. Then Den was home and it was time to set out the

Still intensely reading this...I love the way Julie Kagawa has with vamps and

Planning a peace filled stay at home day...I think I might reorganize summery clothes so they are easier to get to...

Contemplating going to's so close but I am not sure. I think I will be overwhelmed! But the thought of taking the train to NYC...going to dinner...seeing a show...I want to see the new one that Cindy Lauper is responsible for...I have to think more about it!

Plans today? What's up?


  1. I love to sit outside too but the pollen is so bad right now it will drive your sinuses crazy!

  2. I'm laughing at your quiet peaceful time! I love sitting outside too.

    That show looks fabulous! You should go!

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the beautiful day! I sat outside for a bit earlier and read (yeah vacation).

    The BEA sounds so fun- though I am sure overwhelming. I wish it didn't always fall at such a tough time of year at school. It is the last month of school and SO much is going on each day. I hope to get there one year! The show sounds awesome!!!!

  4. Oooo that deck of yours is fantastic. I'm envious. I want a deck.


    You should SO go!

  5. It's too cold to sit outside here, today.

  6. I love sitting outside with Nature. It is pouring rain today. They predict 4"!
    I love Cyndi Lauper & would love to see her show!

  7. Oh, if I lived that close to NY, I'd be there! I went when it was in LA in 2008. That was pre-blogging, so I'd have a much better time, now. How far are you from NY? Those little Eastern states are so close together, it's probably a hop, skip and

    You have a fabulous view...enjoy!