Monday, April 15, 2013

It's A Rainy Monday! mom...for some reason...always talked about "the third day". Here is how that goes down...if you were in the hospital for any reason you felt really good the first two days and really bad on the third day and then you got over it. Vacations...over the top excited the first two days...ready to go home on the third...
This was my mom's belief but I probably inherited it. That's why on Friday I couldn't imagine endless days without a kitchen and today I don't care. Friday was my third day without a kitchen...I was kitchen deprived and kitchen depressed. Over it big time...I am off to buy more plastic plates and dishes, forks and knives, fruits and veggies that are already washed! I am not into washing anything but hands in our bathrooms...

Reading this...not sure how I feel about it yet...

I want to read these next...but we shall Ten White Geese all I know is that the geese disappear...that's already bothering me...

This one I can't wait for...I read the first...I want to jump right into this one!

This author wrote Molokai?

Bought this to cheer me up...with a flowy black top...

Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue...a tenderer moment?

Off to peruse some plastic dinnerware...there is a kind that you can plant but I can't find any!


  1. You dress so much cooler than me. It kinda' makes me jealous. ;)
    Nice to see your kitties being friendly together. :)

  2. I think the newcomer is growing on her.

    I like your mama's theory.

  3. I know, these things are never around when you need them.

    I'm not happy about the 10 geese disappearing too and I don't even own the book... hmmph

    1. It was my next book to start and the first goose did not disappear nicely...I can't read any more of it!

  4. Just as you get used to not having a kitchen, you'll have yours back. I need something to cheer me up!

  5. I can't wait to read The Eternity Cure too! The first book was awesome. Yep. Those kitties look pretty cozy together. Nice! :-)

    You and your big baggy pants...they are cute...I feel a little M.C. Hammer coming on...DOUBLE TIME!! :-D

  6. I like that "third day" theory! And those little girls of yours are definitely coming around. You've been spending lots of bonding moments, without your kitchen, perhaps.

  7. I like your mom's theory! It applies to a new school year, too!

    Sorry the geese book didn't pan out- but I am glad you have some other good ones in the wings.

    Look at the kitties making progress every day!