Friday, April 5, 2013

I Expect To Be Discombobulated?

Is that even a word? My IPad didn't change it so I am going with it...

I can't even imagine what my kitchen is going to look like...once it's torn apart...I do imagine Lucy and Roxie falling through the hole in the island where the cooktop should be and disappearing...I do imagine going to the sink and turning on the faucet about a 100 times until I finally realize there is no water. I do imagine sobbing uncontrollably when I realize I can't control the chaos. Sigh!

The baked spaghetti I made yesterday? Really delicious...but as much work as making lasagna...perhaps more work...yep...definitely more work because I never make prepare to feed an army...we cut two squares and I could feed about 10 more people...not sure what will happen to the rest of it! Yikes!

Still reading this gem...I would have to call it a fantasy...a lovely fantasy!

Have you seen or heard about this book?

The author is Mike the sports guy from's supposed to be really good!
The Amazon book description says this...

"All You Could Ask For, debut novel by Mike Greenberg, cohost of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, is a tender and insightful story of friendship and love, heartbreak and renewal, played out in the lives of three unforgettable women..."

Sounds yummy!!!

Lots going on here today...Elmer the Amish Tree Trimmer is here tree trimming!
Lucy and Roxie are running from window to window listening and watching Elmer. Actually so am I...

Den is home working...he, too, is running from window to window watching Elmer!

Life in the "burbs" exciting?

Off to make lunch...what fun!

We are having tomato, avocado, and arugula sandwiches on toasted whole grain bread...with chips! And pickles! Organic bread and butter pickles!

What can I small things thrill me!

Happy Friday!


  1. You can freeze that spaghetti - or are you like me? Once it goes in the freezer, I forget about it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So like you it's scary...I have no clue what is in my freezer!

  2. Elmer! Man I wish they allowed photos. ;)

    That looks delish!

  3. I'm thrilled too. I want your lunch!

  4. That spaghetti looks awesome...and yes, discombobulated is definitely a word and it describes me whenever my life is in any kind of chaos!

    When there was a pipe leaking in my walls (two or three years ago?), I had to move stuff away from walls so the plumbers could go in...and there were heaps of things everywhere.

    I don't remember if I knew you then....I have lost track of when we first connected; but at the time, I recall posting photos of my mess. It helped me feel in

  5. Ah...hello...why no picture of Elmer?!?

  6. I would love a kitchen in disarray, a perfect excuse to not cook for a while! The baked spaghetti looks yummy, and it works for lunch and dinner!


  7. Totally a word. :) One of my favorites to say, but I didn't know how to spell it! ;)
    You are always eating such yummy things. :) Enjoy your weekend!