Thursday, March 7, 2013


Just finished was so good! Sophia thinks she is the lovely handsome Bernard's goddaughter...but when she goes to live with him...oh my...she learns that he has other plans for her. What happened to his other wives? Why is Bernard so...mean...for lack of a better word...why does he hurt everything she loves...and...what are his secrets...whew!

I think that I need to cook pasta today but not with red of these...from Food & Wine...

I love cloth bags in the spring and summer...look at these from Free People!

Reading this...

Still working on my girls...we just need them to get a teeny bit closer. We seem to be at a standstill...Lucy is fine until she looks at Roxie Blue and realizes she's actually staying...I need a kitty whisperer...seriously...


  1. What time is dinner?

    I could pack for a weekend in that top purse!

    1. Dinner is 6ish...I know...I love big bags!

  2. Strands of Bronze and Gold sounds sooo good!

    Dinner looks great too. I prefer pasta with different mixes- instead of red sauce all the time.

    LOVE the purses!

  3. OMG! Your food looks sooooo good! I love pastas...and salads. But I don't have the right ingredients on hand to create those dishes....send them virtually, please! Oh, you did!

    Well, I can't taste

  4. I love pasta with white clam sauce. YUM! I also love Carbonara. Double yum!