Monday, March 11, 2013

Stuff I Think I Want But Not Really!

This book includes charts! OMG...I love of the downsides of not teaching. I miss whiteboards and that huge chart paper! And big fat black I really do want to be more interesting.

I want to read this but I hate story collections.

I really think I want this for over my mantel...but of course I am not sure. It is by an artist named Parvez Taj. I am going crazy over his work.

This stuff from a designer called Cheap Monday. These are at Shopbop and tons of other places...even Amazon! I am dying...long and short versions of the same dress...and stripes! I could and would live in this dress!

Ok...that's it...I have nothing else today...I probably do need the interesting's foggy, I am feeling lazy, I need to zip out to the store. I really just want to watch Downton Abbey. We are caught up to the current season.
The members of my family are not in good moods today. Lucy and Dennis are snarly...Roxie is lazy...I am not interesting any more. Grrrrmph!
Happy Monday!


  1. There are a couple of things I want but not really as well and I'm proud of myself for not buying them!

  2. Replies
    1. Me, too...don't tell anyone...I bought them both!

  3. You can always come visit my classroom if you want to write on chart paper, the white board, or read a story to a class. :)

    Hope everyone is in better moods tomorrow. :)

  4. Hmm...Yes, Mondays can be like that. I've been a little foggy all day, alternating between reading, TV, and

    I like those long, loose black dresses.

  5. could go back into the classroom...hee hee hee...I do love those dresses--but I'd like a three-quarter sleeve...I've been shopping like made over the last several months. I must stop!

  6. I am not one for story collections but I am on my third this year and I have another on the shelf waiting for me.