Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday...A Day To Plan...

Just finished this...unbelievably knocked my socks off good! One of the best lawyer books I have my life!

Reading this...I just often crave a good vampire book! Yum!

That's it! I got nuthin' girls are asleep...I need to clean the house a bit...prep for some laundry...chill with my vampy book!

Happy Monday!


  1. I haven't read a good lawyer book in ages. That sounds great!

  2. I do enjoy a good legal story, especially if it's a thriller. I'll have to jot down that title....enjoy your evening.

  3. Ah...sometimes you need an uneventful day...

  4. I love the cover of The Dark Heroine!

    Awesome news about the lawyer book. Your comment sold me on the book. :)

  5. My blog comment wouldn't go through (how odd considering you had the same problem on my blog today). Trying one more time! :)

    Great cover on The Dark Heroine.

    Awesome news about the lawyer book! You sold me!