Thursday, March 14, 2013


This will be the millionth time we have gone on our granite quest. Every time we think we are done...something happens...the last time it was the hurricane and we were bumped off of the queue...then it was Christmas and we bumped ourselves off of the queue...then we changed our minds about the color...and now today finally...we think we chose the right color and we will be in the queue soon. Our contractor has had our island in his garage for over a year...we don't even remember what anything looks like.


And we just switched from light granite to dark granite.

This is our final choice...I think...our cabinets are light...not white but very light.

This is sort of how I think it will look...I hope.

Or this but our island will be white.

I also have to change out the knobby parts, pick wall tile and floor tile!


Finished reading this...really good...again...the boarding school drama that I love!

Can't decide what to read next...which is making me not read anything...this?


In order to keep the hair color I was born with I was at my salon for three hours yesterday...thank you Kevin! My seat is in the far corner...but today my head hurts...I am allergic to color so he uses an organic one but I still feel a twinge in my head...sigh!

Still can't decide what to read...sigh!

I am annoyed by the dust I see in my house...sigh!

I think that's all for now...sigh!

See what I mean by complications?

Happy Thursday!


  1. It's hard to pick everything out, isn't it! We have a sort of cream colored cabinet with dark, dark gray countertops.

  2. I like the light cabinet, dark granite combo.

    I spent the entire morning testing out feed readers since Google announced that Google reader will be no more as of July 1st. The only way for me to keep up with everyone is a feed reader. I am testing two right now, Feedly and NetVibe and so far, Feedly is most like reader. Ugh!

  3. Awesome.
    I can't imagine how hard this is.
    You made a great choice.
    I hope you love love love love it.

  4. I want to read Wings of Glass. It looks good! I read about it somewhere.

  5. It always takes my husband and me forever to make decisions. Our color combo in our kitchen is exactly like the one you posted (lighter cabinets and dark granite). :)

    I hate all the dust I see in my house, too.

    Happy reading!

  6. It is going to be gorgeous! Try to enjoy, despite the

    I have too much dust in my house, and there's no construction going

  7. That's going to be so pretty!