Thursday, February 7, 2013

Together Again!

Den has been in Las Vegas...sending me annoying pictures of awesome dinners, houses on the golf course where he is playing...and lots more warm weather stories.
He is working and exhausted but he is on his way home now...flying into freezing temps, rain, blustery winds and snow! Yeah!

It's been lightly snowing on and off...but not enough to count...darn it! I need more!

Reading this...I am trying to work my way through some of my Vine books...this one is about some London detectives who find a mysterious artifact and now can tell where all the evil and bad guys are...I just love books about far so good!

Off to get toes and nails done before the storm! And for a few provisions...should chocolate be high on that list?



  1. I know you'll be glad to have Den home with you! Stay safe and warm.

  2. Oh it sucks to think of coming home to winter after spending time in Las Vegas - he has my sympathies :)

  3. Oh, you'll get your snow all right. It's heading your way.....!!!!

  4. Oh, a stormy day without chocolate is not a good

    Glad you're enjoying your reads!

  5. Yes! You'll need chocolate!
    I've had chocolate every day since Christmas so trust me on this:P

  6. I hope Den made it home safe and sound. It is snowing like mad here today. I am snowed in with my husband. I love snow days.:) It is beautiful outside and the snow coming down is so mesmorizing. So peaceful.