Friday, February 22, 2013

The Distance Between Two Tonkinese Kitties Can Only Be Measured By...

I know I have talked far too much about my week with Lucy and Roxie and my efforts to get Lucy to accept Roxie...I don't know if it's because they are Tonks...purebred and incredibly smart. Breeders have said that living with Tonks is like living with a two year old...forever! There are rules about the way you introduce these cats...we brought Roxie in under covers. She was supposed to stay separated for as long as it took for Lucy to show interest in her...I finally realized that Lucy was going out of her way to pretend Roxie didn't exist...there was no curiosity, no looking at the shut door, no sniffing...and Roxie just cried...she was not used to being alone...she had never been alone...I woke up at 2:45 every morning this week because I heard her cry. It didn't matter that we were in and out of the room with her...she just wanted out! It broke my heart!

So...yesterday I gave up...Roxie is out all of the time...Lucy is hissing but they are playing. They raced through the house this morning...Lucy alternately growling but still looking for Roxie. A friend of mine...who knows cats...especially Tonks...said to look Lucy in the eye and say...this is our Roxie! She is a good girl. She is going to stay with us forever. She is your forever friend. I love her and you will love her, too!
If I am holding Roxie and Lucy walks away...that is her choice...if she wants me badly enough...she will come back...and she has!

With that said...we all fell asleep in the same room last night. We aren't totally happy yet but we are getting there!

So...the distance between my two girls is getting smaller and smaller day by day!



  1. Yay! I knew things would work out!

  2. Things will be fine. Truthfully though, it is a "Cat Thing". Cats have to do it their way, in their time. You can only support and encourage. You are doing well!

  3. Yes, it sounds like things are going to improve now. I love that photo of them with a huge distance between them; but at least they're in the same room!

    Like sibling rivalry, there will be rough patches, but eventually....anyway, enjoy!

  4. Aww...she was crying? Poor Boo-Boo...I love hearing your cat stories. How could you not talk about them? You're a new mom...again! Lol...Glad to see and hear! that they're getting closer.

  5. It sounds like a lot of work- but it will all be worth it! I am glad they are getting a little closer. :) Fingers crossed!

  6. Ha Ha Ha that's a great shot! Playing is a good thing..

  7. It's not taking such a long time for them to get closer. Lucy looks like she is accepting Roxie better now, even though she is still hissing. It will be all well worth it real soon!