Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It snowed last night and we have ducks! There are over 25 ducks in the unfrozen part of the pond...they occasionally walk over to the bird feeders and eat seeds. We put out cracked corn for them, too...the two specks in the top picture are two ducks making the long walk to the feeders. I love ducks!

There's a fire in the fireplace and sticky ribs in the oven.

I had to buy 10 avocados yesterday because no one at the store could figure out how I could buy just five.

The sign said ten for $10.00 or two for $4.00. There was no middle ground so I am making a huge amount of guacamole! It's heart healthy!

My goal is to finish this has been a beautiful reading experience.

What might you be doing today? Lol...


  1. Yikes, it looks cold there. I was in Asheville this weekend and left earlier than I intended too because it started snowing.

  2. It does look very cold on your pond...but beautiful! And that guacamole...Okay, I seriously wish I were there! lol

    I've been watching DVDs, now that my DVD player has been cleaned. Old ones, like Fatal Attraction and The Object of My Affection (that one actually made me tear up a little!).

    Then I started on the DVR recordings....

    A little reading, too. Orphan Train, about 100 pages.

  3. I was thinking of getting some 3's ya know...I remember when I was a kid, somebody brought a box full of dead ducks to the house after a hunting trip. I picked them up and stuck my finger in the bullet holes! Lol...*shaking my head*...Crazy! LOL..

  4. The Aviator's Wife looks great!

    I love avacados on sandwiches or in salad. Guacamole is a favorite of mine.

    Glad you had so many ducks visiting. :) Thanks for sharing your pictures.