Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Fun!

Oh me oh my...sometimes I do believe I title my blog posts the way I used to do bulletin boards in my 2nd grade classroom! Everything was puffy letters and exclamation points! See!

Today is an errand day! Den and I rarely make mistakes but...we totally goofed up Valentine's Day gifts and everything is going back! I bought short sleeves instead of long for him...I was distracted by two baby vultures who were hitting the glass windows and setting off the alarm at J.S. Banks...they were abandoned!

And he bought me a bracelet of a weird color! And the kind of earrings I NEVER wear. So...packed up and sent back to Chan Luu...sorry Chan Luu!

I will choose a bracelet that suits me plus no earrings!
After errands we are off to a late lunch or early dinner here...Mrs. Robino's! I have a GroupOn!

Reading and loving this! Everything that happened happened 5 years ago but it is really hitting everyone now...key issues...infidelity, a baby, an adoption! is sooooo will love it!


  1. Ha! A shout out :) Yay! So glad to hear it's good.

    Oooo so now I want to see what he did buy you ;)

    Don't you love when a relationship is secure enough that you can be honest with each other about gifts? :)

  2. Carl and I both bought our own Valentine gifts this year so we were both happy.

  3. The Comfort of Lies sounds so intriguing. I definitely want to read it!

    Hope your errands went well! At least you both bought presents that needed to go back. :)

    I love exclamation points- maybe it is a teacher thing. :)

    Have a fantastic dinner!

  4. I do want to read The Comfort of Lies...I've been seeing it everywhere. Love your dinner, too. You have such delicious looking food!

    Sorry the gifts didn't work, but that happens sometimes.