Friday, February 8, 2013

Rain...Lots Of It But No Snow!

Just what I didn't want...rain...I am not in a grand mood today...

Plus I blame Den for my fall into fast food hell...

By the time he got luggage and car...all hopes of a normal evening were was 8:30...Lucy and I were watching Idol...we have eaten nothing...and here is the very bad thing...we eat very healthy and as organic as we can foods 99% of the time...and I gave in to mass produced most likely tortured chicken nuggets...and French Fries...does natural cut count? And they were so good! Darn! I blame was his fault for being hungry and driving sat Wendy's!

I need to go on a Master Cleanse ASAP...who knows what carcinogens are lurking in my body? From that delicious fast food dinner!

That's why I am mad at myself...oh well!

There are 22 ducks swimming in my yard...there is so much water that I can't even get out to feed them...just one more reason why this is a terrible horrible no good very bad day...

This is what rain that is supposed to be snow does to me...makes me cranky!

Finished this...odd but good...

Getting ready for this...

Staying in is truly horrible...have no clue what to make for dinner...this is what happens when I don't cook all week...sigh!


  1. Replies
    1. They were so good I wanted to kick myself...even Lucy ate 2 French fries!

  2. Oh no, sorry you didn't get your snow!

  3. We got a foot of snow! Seriously! I am sorry you didn't. I am sorry we did.
    Have a good weekend together!

  4. It's been raining here, too. And an occasional fast food meal isn't going to hurt you, I'm

    I know what you mean, though; if I pull into In & Out for a burger, even without fries, I feel guilty.

  5. Sorry about all the rain. I don't eat fast food either- but I don't think one day of bad eating is anything to be concerned about. Just think- some people eat it all the time! And the fried were natural cut. :)