Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caternity Leave! Cat Nanny! Cat Sitter!

I can't wait for Den to come home...I am promptly handing off Roxie to him! My life has turned upside down with this new addition but today is better! We are still doing upstairs and downstairs feedings. Lucy is still hissing at the top of the stairs and refuses to walk past Roxie's door but Roxie is out more and Lucy is getting used to her. I think! I still have a litter box in the middle of my picture perfect living room. I think I am even used to that...sigh!

On the other hand...there are sweet moments. Lucy's eyes as she saw Roxie for the first time...Roxie's eyes as I held her up to the finch cage. Roxie's first time going up and down stairs. Roxie hopping to new room after new room. Lucy cuddling in my arms watching Roxie...it's all good. Some day my girls will love each other...this I know. Lucy needs a soul mate when I am away and Roxie is that soul mate. I know this, too!
This is Roxie but that is not Lucy. But it's why we wanted Roxie...she loves her an older kitty...lol! Lucy just doesn't realize yet how much Roxie is going to love her...probably loves her already. Roxie's breeder told me that Roxie loves taking care of her other kittens...we fell in love with her face and the way she leans into this other kitty...so sweet!


Still reading this...extremely good!

It actually feels good to toss a reading schedule aside and just read...it's delightful. Our family room tv just died so the girls and I were downstairs listening to music and reading...it was quiet and peaceful...it's rainy and icy and cold...and peaceful...did I really say peaceful? Yeah!
Day Three of the Roxie Blue invasion...Lucy looks relatively peaceful...doesn't she?
We won't take any trips soon...we won't leave them alone for a while but we are quite ...peaceful!


  1. Will they share a little box at some point? Once you share a toilet, things go much more smoothly. Funny, but true!

  2. I got excited when I saw the top photo, but then was let down. It sounds like things are improving some.

  3. OMG! The Kitty Smackdown! I'm waiting with baited breath for eack day's developments! :-o

  4. I am so happy. Persevere with love !

  5. That Lucy was the Queen...and now she must share the throne....not pretty. But eventually, the two will reign together. Hang in there!

  6. They are both gorgeous and it will work out. And it's okay that the living room isn't perfect:) Live in it that's what its for!

  7. At least today was better. I'm sure it'll work out soon.

  8. I promise you, they will get better. When we lost our little Siamese mix a little over a year ago, it took sometime before we made the decision to bring a new kitty into our home, but our male cat was lonely. He's still so playful (he's 10) and we thought a kitten would be a good fit for him as he's really dominant and I was afraid he wouldn't adjust to an adult cat as well. It took a couple of weeks for him to completely stop hissing at her, and then several more months before he would cuddle up with her and sleep.

    1. Thanks, Kate...it's all about being patient!

  9. I love picturing this scene! I bet you are going to have a blast watching them on the kitty cam when you are away. :)

    Randy Susan Meyers came to a book store near me tonight- but I missed it! I just heard about it and remembered seeing her book on your blog. :)

    Good luck!