Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Aftermath...

This time yesterday I lived in a happy blissful pre game house. We were hopeful, excited, ebullient and confident...until we weren't!

Yep..."our" dreams and hopes have been dashed to pieces. Our mood today is gloomy. We are incapable of understanding how this loss could have happened.

You realize I am using the our and we term loosely...I didn't even know who was Lucy and I alternately spent game time paying Luxor Mahjong on my laptop and reading. My boy toy was armed with phones. He talked to his brother in Denver who was at the game...talked about flying out next week to go to the game and remained super charged...until he wasn't any more.

So sad...he ate a brownie and was still sad.

He is still not over it. At this rate...I am not sure he ever will be!

But there is always next year!

Reading this for a tour...

More info on this later...

Happy Sunday!


  1. I turned off the game because I was sure Denver had it wrapped up and then saw all kinds of things on Twitter so I turned it back on. I thought about y'all at the end of the game. I'm watching Atlanta try to lose right now.

  2. We are desperately sad at my house too today. My Green Bay Packers lost to the 49er's. Devastating.

  3. I haven't watched these games in quite a long while...but my daughter is quite wrapped up in it all. Denver was the team she was rooting for, too....

    Brownies are good. So is apple pie, which I had this afternoon while watching movies. I saw The Iron Lady again....

  4. My husband is a Redskins fan- he is sad. One of my brothers is a Broncos fan and he is sad, too. I am not a football fan- but I do like to see the people I love happy, so I was hoping their teams would win. Maybe next year!

    1. I feel the same way that you do! There is always next year!