Thursday, January 10, 2013

Of Flu Shots And GroupOns!

We finally got our flu shots...along with every other last minute person in our town. We zipped to Walgreen's last night...and stood in the pharmacy area to get our shots. I am not sick but after standing with coughing sneezing people...I have the imaginary flu today. I know I don't have the flu but I feel as though I am waiting for either a reaction to the flu shot...or the effects of people coughing on me. Den is away for the Lucy and I are laying low...she thinks she has fake flu, too...we are sipping chicken soup, resting, drinking orange/pineapple juice, reading and so far delighting in my imaginary illness! It's fun to have fake flu! Hopefully that won't comeback to bite me!

We also went to dinner right after our flu shots. It was our last day to use a GroupOn to one of our favorite local restaurants...Kyoto. I had Tuna Tataki...with salad...Den had a filet...Teriyaki...both were amazing. We split a YoYo roll...tempura lobster with avocado and eel sauce...for a starter. Yum! I love GroupOns...I spent $20.00 and it took $40.00 off of our dinner!

Reading good...Hollywood...dysfunctional family...this book fits me to a tee. I did not like Whisper Of all.

It's in the 50's here today. Lucy and I are going to toss aside our fake flu and go out for a nice long walk! I am trying to figure out if I can sneak her into Longwood Gardens for a really nice walk...hmmm!

Happy Thursday!


  1. We don't do flu shots in our house. We ALWAYS get sick with them. Always. I am a bit paranoid right now since production week for the show is coming up and my son has two solos and he really, really cannot be sick for them. They are okay now since they are still out of school but soon they'll be going back. They can't miss any of production week either, for safety reasons, think big sets and placement, etc. So I am just a bit nervous about illness right now. Especially since my throat was on fire yesterday and today, I seem to be hovering on the cusp of some creeping crud.

  2. I had the flu for New Year's holidays. No flu shots for me. Fake flu is definitely a better way to go. The book looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.

  3. We are on opposite poles with the flu shots...I'm usually in the first group that gets it. The last time I had the flu was in 2002, and I had it so bad that I literally thought I would die! And it was on Thanksgiving, of all days, and I was also on-call at work, which meant taking phone calls at home and deciding what to do with the cases. Luckily no kids need placements for those few days!

    I determined to avoid the flu at all costs after that. So far, so good. I hope your fake flu is really fake.

  4. I don't do flu shots, but my husband does. That way if I do get sick he can pamper me.

  5. The fake flu- love it! What a relaxing day- and it doesn't hurt your body to relax and take it easy. :) I haven't gotten my flu shot yet- so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the flu stays away!

    1. I will keep mine crossed for you, too...wash your hands!